Tucked away in on unassuming side street is the jade lounge.
 Walk into our lounge and be struck by the beautiful hues of 
different shades of green.
 The Jade lounge produces a sense of calm and tranquility.
We are 21+ under prior till 8 pm!
The Food.
 Our all night Happy Hour menu is priced accordingly and features 
items such as salad rolls, in house ground all natural hamburgers 
and house made smoked sausages.
 You can opt for our GF gnocchi served with mushrooms white wine & 
tomato sauce or try our vegan tofu burgers.
Events & Entertainment: 
We also feature poetry nights, spoken word and comedy nights!
Check out our Free Comedy in the adjoining Slide Inn on 
Thursday Nights you can sign up here starting on Wednesday at 
noon till 5 pm on Thursday night.
Sunday Nights, starts at 8 pm both nights with 
doors open at 7 pm.
Our Cocktails/ Beer:
 Our house specialty, are our house infusions, we use ginger,
jalapeno & hibiscus to enhance our various liquors.
 If you enjoy tap beer, our adjoining Slide inn has 7 
different German Tap beers to choose from.
Virgin Cocktails:
 We also have quite a few virgin cocktails and brew our own House 
Fermented ginger beer. The lounge is 21 under till 8 pm, so come on 
down to try one of our virgin cocktails!
 For our full dinner menu you might want to check out our  
adjoining restaurant "The Slide Inn". We serve dinner Tuesday-Saturday 
starting at 5:30 pm. On Sunday the doors open at 7 pm with our 
free comedy and an all night Happy Hour. 
Brunch is served from 9:30-2 pm Saturday & Sunday.
 During brunch we offer a great many GF items, one being  
an oven roasted yam waffle with ground clove. You might want to try our 
Austrian pancakes served with apple compote or try our house 
smoked sausages served with house fermented sauerkraut or 
Bavarian red cabbage simmered with apples and red wine.